Andy Plaque Cookie Cutter

From $3.50

Designed by Andrea - this plaque can be used for anything! The bottom round of this cutter is slightly smaller than the other round center portions - it's made that way on purpose!

This cutter comes in various sizes.

Cookies not included!

The 2nd photo shows the cutter in action in Andrea's cookie - she can be found on Facebook at Andy Kay's Cookies.

OUR CUTTERS: We print our cutters on a 3D printer, using a high quality food safe PLA. The cutters we make are to be washed by hand only in warm soapy water and are not dishwasher safe. Putting the cutters in a dishwasher could melt, warp or otherwise damage the PLA.

We use a deep purple PLA for our cutters, and they also come with a stepped edge to make a clean crisp cut in your dough.