The Floured Canvas Sweetest Family Set of 5 Cookie Cutters

From $5.00

Feel free to duplicate the cookies, but the techniques, recipes, designs, and teaching are the intellectual property of The Floured Canvas, unless otherwise noted. You are not to make your own video tutorials on how to make these cookies. You also may not teach/instruct these designs as a paid or free class.

Jodi from The Floured Canvas designed these cutters to make a set of Sweet Friendz - no matter what your friends look like!

These cutters are sized at 6.5" tall (Dave) 6.25" tall (Jodi), 4.75" tall (Hannah & Josh) and baby at 2.06" tall.

Cutters can be purchased as a set of 5 (with mom Jodi), set of 4 (without Mom Jodi) or individually. Cookies shown in main pic show 5 family members, though Jodi (mom) is also part of the Friendz set. If you are purchasing the Friendz set, just purchase the set of 4 family so you don't duplicate cutters in the sets.

Online classes for this set are offered through Jodi of The Floured Canvas -

Designed by Jodi of The Floured Canvas. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

OUR CUTTERS: We print our cutters on a 3D printer, using a high quality food safe PLA. The cutters we make are to be washed by hand only in warm soapy water and are not dishwasher safe. Putting the cutters in a dishwasher could melt, warp or otherwise damage the PLA.

We use a deep purple PLA for our cutters, and they also come with a stepped edge to make a clean crisp cut in your dough.