Toaster Pastry Crimper with Optional Cookie Cutter

From $6.25

Easily and quickly crimp the edges of your toaster pastries with this pastry crimper. It rocks over the edge of your dough, making it faster than using a fork!

The crimper is 7 inches long x 7/8" wide. I used the 5 x 3 inch rectangle cutter for my toaster pastries, and have it available in this listing as an option.

I found this crimper easy to use on chilled dough. Once dough softened a bit, I used flour on the crimper to help release the edges better.

OUR CUTTERS AND CRIMPERS: We print using a 3D printer, using a high quality food safe PLA. The products we make are to be washed by hand only in warm soapy water and are not dishwasher safe. Putting the products in a dishwasher could melt, warp or otherwise damage the PLA.

We use a deep purple PLA for our cutters, and they also come with a stepped edge to make a clean crisp cut in your dough.

Cutters are printed as they are ordered. We do not keep a stock of printed cutters on hand.

SHIPPING: We ship USPS First Class mail as well as International shipping.